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It all Starts With ND Honey

our honey mead process

Mead making is the simple process of adding honey and water together along with nutrients and yeast. We add our honey to carbon filtered water in the mixing tank and thoroughly mix. The must is then transferred to the fermentation tank where nutrients and yeast are added. The must is initially aerated to provide the yeast with needed oxygen to begin growth.

We follow a staggered nutrient regime and add more nutrient as fermentation slows. The process takes anywhere from 2-6 weeks. Fruit and/or spices are also added depending on what type of mead we wish to make.

When the fermentation is complete the mead is then filtered using a plate and frame filter to remove the yeast and then bottled, corked, and labeled.

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Stacey Majkrzak

"Susan, thank you for the personal tour. Your place is wonderful, and the Mead is even better!! You'll see me soon as I'm sure we will need another few cases."

Pancho Luna

"Susan and Bob do nothing half way. If this meadery is anything like the meads I've tasted in the past, it's going to be hard to keep their mead in stock-anywhere!"

Debra Sannes-Rowley

"Great mead and great company! I love to come in taste and leave with lots of knowledge.
So glade Susan is willing to share and inform on recipes!"

Tales & Traditions
According to ancient tales, there's a myth about the word "honeymoon" being derived from mead. After a couple was married, they would drink mead for the first month of marriage to supposedly ensure the birth of a son. Since mead is made of honey and a month was measured by the phases of the moon, the term "honeymoon" was coined.
How Are We Different From A Winery or A Brewery?
We are mostly similar to a winery, but those are generally going to be all grape or all fruit. In breweries you need the mashing equipment where you have to add the grains and cook it with the water and all that. We don't need to do any of that.


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3101 39th St. S, Suite E
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