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We offer an exclusive list of North Dakota's best honey wine. Our mead has been awarded top honors at the national level so make a visit to Prairie Rose Meadery in Fargo, ND to enjoy our amazing mead.
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Mead is an ancient beverage made from fermented honey, water, and often flavored with fruits, spices, or grains. Visiting our meadery offers a unique experience to explore and learn about this historical drink. It allows you to discover the art and craftsmanship behind the production of mead.

We offer tastings where you can sample different varieties of mead. This allows you to explore the diverse flavors and styles of mead available. Additionally, we offer a light menu to enhance your enjoyment of the mead.

Learn about the mead-making process, the ingredients used, and the history of mead. Get insights into the production techniques, fermentation process, and the nuances of various mead styles.

If you're looking for unique gifts or souvenirs, we offer a variety of mead-related products. It can be a great way to find distinctive presents for friends, family, or yourself. So support a local business and contribute to the growth of the craft beverage industry. It's an opportunity to appreciate the hard work and dedication of the mead makers while enjoying a unique product.

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two new flavors

We have two new flavors in-stock.

  • Caramel Apple - This is a brochet (made with caramelized honey) made with fresh pressed local apples. Very rich and warming.
  • Orange Spice - This great flavor is back just in time for the holidays. Very tasty warmed up with a cinnamon stick and a couple of cloves. Mmm, mulled mead.
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